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Mystery and Magic

Welcome to Company Comics' website

Caricature Giftshop

Looking for an eye catcher at your event, indoors or out of doors? Harold offers total entertainment; an impressive parasol provides a cosy ambiance. Underneath a nice counter which contains a complete print shop.
While Harold makes swift en funny caricatures of your guests, his assistent is stand by to print the funny result an a T-shirt, mousepad, cooking apron, ovengloves, napkin, mug, et cetera. The nicest gifts are being made on the spot; fast, professionally, funny and personal; the ultimate performance in caricature drawing.
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Karikatuur Giftshop from Harold Hugenholtz on Vimeo.


Harold performs in a new attractive setting

Performances of Harold are very popular. His special view on your guests or clients guarantees a funny result when their caricatures are finished. To make his performance even more complete and eye cathing Harold acts from now on in a new easy to install setting. It creates a cosy ambiance surrounded by caricatures of famous dutch celebrities. (And international version is available.) It's modular design guarantees perfect fit everywhere; a nice way to present the art of exaggeration.


Cartooning by Harold is 'HOT'

'A picture tells a thousand words', is often said. As a sketch artist Harold is a popular cartoonist. During seminars, meetings or debating sessions, Harold makes drawings in his own characteristic style. A selection of specific sayings, cases and situations are visualized in an appealing way.

Last month Harold made drawings at some meetings of the board of an insurance company. In a stylish traditional house in the heart of Amsterdam the future plans of the company were presented followed by inspiring discussions.
Harold has made about thirty catching cartoons, which gave a strong impression of the meeting to all participants; 'hand-outs', 'flow-charts' or reports couldn't be more expressive as a summary of these sessions.

Harold can also be booked by you to draw matching cartoons of your debating sessions. Because of his direct digital approach, his cartoons can be used immediately as a funny reminder. E.g. on a mug or mousepad or even printed on a nice canvas.


MemoryGirls on the move

An attractive concept; gorgeous girls playing the game of memory with your guests. Out in the open or on exhibitions and fairs, these girls will catch everyones attention. Playing memory is always fun, for everyone, for every age, for every language with a smooth competition. A mayor attraction is the way the images are presented; all very funny caricatures drawn by Harold. We have developed several series of cards. For fun and entertainment with e.g. famous dutch celebrities and also for educational purposes with e.g. environmental topics.
Wanna play?
You can book MemoryGirls now. Or look at their special website on


Harold goes international

In the past years many shows of Company Comics have been abroad. Wellknown multinationals did book Harold and his colleagues for events, fairs and congresses all over Europe; from Dublin to Florence, from Paris to Berlin and from Geneva to London, people where surprised by his performances.
The most (air)miles were made during a trip to Beijing in China, invitated for a special show.

More requests came for special gadgets made during the shows. Framing the caricatures at the spot or printing them on a mug as a token of appreciation for the guests, became very popular.
Harolds' shows are much more than drawing caricatures. It really is entertainment in an amusing and amazing way!

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The Art of Exaggeration

For many centuries people’s explicit details has been exaggerated in caricature drawings. Both, ‘victims’ and bystanders are amused and amazed by the funny results of the artists’ observations and talents.

Company Comics combines that traditional art with high tech multimedia. We perform on your location with a (plugged) digital show that will live up to your expectations and more than that; catching and entertaining for your guests!

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Button badges are funny and successful

Our clients are very enthousiastic about the possibility of printing caricatures on button badges. We offer these sympathetic products as an optional extra at our Digital Caricature Shows.
Your guest puts his or hers button on their collar and off course
they still can download their drawing from our website.

Ask for our special offer when booking us.

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