Only a few talented scetch artists are capable to draw their caricatures plugged, with quality. They have joined the team of Company Comics. That’s why we guarantee you our professional presence on the day of your booking.

Harold Hugenholtz, sketch artist
Since his childhood Harold draws caricatures and he has developed this skills during his education at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. After years of traditional drawing he has put effort in Company Comics, which is his initiative.
He is a well known Dutch caricature drawer who’s has drawn over 15,000 faces professionally. And the experience shows! At all events his performance generates hilarity and admiration.

Besides Company Comics Harold Hugenholtz is active as a cartoonist in his studio where he produces illustrations, artist impressions and graphic productions.
Harold became famous by working for the weekly magazine Panorama and his attending at television shows like ‘Life and Cooking’, ‘Catherine’, ‘De 5 uur-show’. He was also the anchor caricature drawer of famous sports persons in the television programme ‘Sportnieuws Café’.

At present he runs a cartoon gallery and his own shop in the center o f Eindhoven with (personalized) gifts based on caricatures.

Jan Ibelings, sketch artist

Jan is an experienced sketch artist. He is an easy going smooth talking person with a sharp eye for faces and caricatures. He draws in the traditional way with crayons but also using high tech digital equipment.
A preview of his work can be seen on