Company Comics, who we are and how we work

Roots in the epic centre of caricature drawing
1986, Paris, Mont Martre; that’s where it all began.
Artists on the Place du Tertre drawing caricatures of the tourists.
As always in charcoal and crayon on fuzzy papers sticked to their drawing boards and surrounded by sloppy panels with caricatures of celebrities as prove of their skills.

Between them Harold Hugenholtz and a good friend. Both young scetch artists, eager, adventurous, curious and last-but-not-least determined. Determined to earn a living for themselves drawing caricatures. But not in Paris, no back home in Eindhoven.
They started to make drawings at parties and public places just for fun or for a small fee. Their talents developed over the years.

Stepping up to professionalism
Company Comics was founded in 2001 by the Harold Hugenholtz.
His idea was to develop caricature drawing from a traditional art to an entertaining performance using modern internet technology. In this way it could appeal to a broader audience.
He became ‘Leading in technology’ with no sentiments or nostalgia anymore. Charcoal, crayons and drawing boards has gone.
Bye bye papers, hello pixels!

Harold was one of the first -world wide- to embrace this (r)evolution. Being a pioneer and a perfectionist he was satisfied when more sophisticated software was available. Software that could put up with his skills, speed and characteristic style.
Able to match his talents with today’s digits, he consulted some talented fellow artists to join him and to work in the same way, digitally with high tech drawings pads.

Company Comics has been very successful since then. Each year many performances are given and the outcome is used by companies to add value to their presentations on fairs or to turn their party gatherings into an enduring experience.
Organizations that have benefited from this entertainment by Company Comics are amongst others: ABN-AMRO, Philips, Océ, Rabobank, ING, Vegro, Heineken, Ballast Nedam, HP and many governmental departments. Shows were given on events and exhibitions world wide; in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Berlin, Florence, Paris, London, Birmingham and Beijing, just to mention some recent locations.
Company Comics has had appearances on Dutch television and contributed to some publications for charity with the portraits of famous dutch celebrities.

Amusing and amazing entertainment
A friendly presentation turns drawing caricatures into a nice show. An ambiance in which people feel at ease, even when their most characteristic details are being enlarged on the screen. Your guests on events or fairs will have a good time; guaranteed!

The next day all caricatures can be seen on a special website and it is possible to download them for printing or further personal use.
That’s very 2009!

from historic place to hilarious pixels